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AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - with 100% essential oils

About Aromatherapy Massage

This massage uses a mixture of techniques that combine  relaxation and stimulation on pressure points that activates lymphatic drainage and  detoxification of the body.

100% Aromatherapy essential oils can be used in all types of massage. These essential oils are selected and blended by the therapist to meet  the individuals needs and requirements.

All oils used are therapeutic grade and all have  their own unique properties and health benefits.

Please note:- As some oils are not suitable for use at certain times or with some conditions and illnesses, it is vital the therapist is informed of all medical conditions, complaints and illnesses prior to treatment commencing.

Aromatherapy Massage Options

There are several treatment options available or you could discuss your needs with me about tailoring a treatment to suit

> Aromatherapy massage full body - 1hr

> Aromatherapy massage, back neck and shoulder - 40mins

> Aromatherapy massage both legs front and back - 40mins

Essential Oils & the

Olfactory System

Limbic system

Olfactory bulb

Olfactory neurons


The properties of each oil varies to achieve

a particular response, such as relaxation,

stimulation, invigoratation...

> Scent travels up the nasal cavity to

the Olfactory bulb

> Aroma is sent to the Limbic system

> Aroma is processed, releasing


Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

• Relaxing and calming of mind and body,

• Oils are selected and blended to meet the individual

requirements, no pre blend oils used.

• Can help improve health conditions and

symptoms the individual has

• Can reduce pain

• Detoxifying and cleansing

• Lymphatic drainage

• There are many other benefits, as each

oil has particular properties.

These can be explained before

treatment starts.

NB:- Please advise the therapist of any existing symptoms or conditions, as particular essential oils can be blended to target those problems, specifically.


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