with or without essential oils

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Deep Tissue Massage Options

There are several treatment options available or you could discuss your needs with me about tailoring a treatment to suit your specific needs

> Back Deep Tissue - 40mins

> Full Body Deep Tissue - 1hr

> Full Body Deep Tissue - with selected

aromatherapy oils - 1hr

This will require discussion to establish

any other treatments or medication that

may have be prescribed by your regular GP.

Please note: Deep tissue massage isn’t always, tolerated or appropriate  for everyone, this will be discussed and assessed in the consultation with the therapist before deciding whether this is suitable to have  this treatment.

If this massage treatment course is not

suitable, an alternative will be suggested.

About Deep Tissue Massage

Uses various techniques to suit the individuals needs to provide treatment for chronic muscle pain, repetitive strain and injury.

It helps with realigning deep layers of muscle & connective tissue.

This massage is suitable to help recovery from injuries like whiplash, falls and sports injuries .

It can help with postural problems, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritic pain, chronic tense and tight muscular pain.

Please note this is not a relaxing or soothing massage.

It works  on the  connective tissue and muscles. It can break up and get rid of scar tissue. It breaks down chronic knots and muscle tension. Deep tissue massage can release the build up toxins by loosening muscles, once the toxins are released from the area and removed, the blood and oxygen can circulate effectively optimising health and well being. It's important to use warming  massage techniques  to start with, which warms up the muscles before the deep tissue work can be completed on the problem areas.

A little discomfort should be felt with this massage, but should not be painful and hurt whilst being completed.

Usually there is pain and discomfort after having a deep tissue massage and can last up to a couple of days, but after that it will improve, it is suggested and advised applying ice to the affected area after the massage for no longer than 15 mins to aid the pain that is sometimes felt. Usually one to two days afterwards the problematic area will feel better and start to improve.

Because the cause of the problems are usually chronic, it may take several regular sessions to help improve the area.


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