with or without essential oils

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About Relaxing Full Body Massage

By using the principles of massage as described previously, relaxing massage uses slow and relaxing movements and techniques to provide deep relaxation, help clam and sooth the individuals whole body. The parts of body included are the legs both front and back, arms and hands, back and abdominal area optional as not every one likes that to be massaged. This form of massage can be enhanced with the use of 100% essential aromatherapy oils. After discussion and consultation with the client, the therapist selects  and blends specific oils to aid the clients needs. Full body massage is detoxifying, stimulates circulation eliminating waste and improving blood supply to the whole body and inducing relaxation and a sense of well being. Perfect for those people who are stressed and suffer with tension and anxiety.

Relaxing Full Body Massage options

> Relaxing full body massage - 1hour

Both legs front and back relaxing massage - 40mins

Relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage - 40mins

• Calms the body and the mind

• Relaxation and balancing

• Detoxification and eliminates waste removal

• Aid pain relief in tight , stiff & knotted muscles

• Stimulates circulation improves blood supply to the whole body

Gives a feeling of well being

Benefits Full Body Massage


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage options

> Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 40mins

> As above, with selected aromatherapy oils - 40mins

Back Deep Tissue - 40mins

• Ease stress, tension

• Help work related conditions like poor posture & injuries

• Relieve stiffness, pain & toxins

• Aids recovery, healing & relaxation

Benefits of Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage


About Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

As the name suggests, it involves the back neck and shoulder within the massage. This can either be completed as a relaxing massage, aromatherapy or deep tissue or a combination of all three depending on the needs of the person. A lot of people get tension and problems in these areas as a result of stress, tension, work related conditions, poor posture, injury or a build-up of toxins. Individuals can feel pain tension stiffness and rigidity in the muscles of these areas which causes discomfort and reduced mobility & movement. The massage in this area helps relieve tension, pain, toxins, stress in the muscles and aids recovery, healing & relaxation.


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