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with or without essential oils

To decide on your Massage Therapy, choose from the options available.


> Relief from tension headaches and eye strain

> Promotion of hair growth

> Induces relaxation and feeling of calm

> Improves circulation

> Relaxes muscles and relieves tension

> Increases mobility of joints and muscles

> Releases any blockages in energy within the body

> Improves concentration

> Lifts depression and raising self esteem

> Aids reducing insomnia

> Stimulates of lymphatic system aiding

removal of toxins and waste from the body

> Raises energy levels and brings on a

sense of well being

• Indian Head Massage

This helps bring a sense of well being and releives migraines headaches, back pain & promotes hair growth.

Benefits of the massages

Click on any of the 5 therapy titles below, to find out more details about each one:-

These massages help resolve issues like:-

• Relaxing Full Body Massage

Detoxifying, stimulate circulation, induce relaxation.

Relieves stress, tension & anxiety.

• Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Helps with work related conditions including poor posture,

tension, muscle stress, toxin build-up.

• Deep Tissue Massage (not for soothing or relaxing)

Techniques for the treatment of chronic muscle pain, repetitive strain & injury. Helping the recovery of injuries such as:-

> Whiplash, falls and sports injuries.

> Postural, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritic pain.

> Chronic muscular pain

• Aromatherapy Massage

Employs techniques for relaxation and stimulation

of the lymph glands and detoxification using

therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils


> Click on any of the 5 therapy titles below, to find out more details about each <

> 5 Massage Options