with or without essential oils

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About Indian Head Massage

This ancient type of massage origins lie in the traditional Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda an ancient form of healing.

This Sanskrit word means Ayur – life and

Veda – means knowledge.


Indian Head Massage options

There are several treatment options available or you could discuss your needs with me about tailoring a treatment to suit

> Indian Head Massage 1 - Sitting up - 25mins

> Indian Head Massage 1 with oils - Sitting up with

selected aromatherapy oils - 25mins

> Indian Head Massage 2 - Laying down with extended

back massage - 40mins

> Indian Head Massage 3 - Laying down with extended

back massage & incuding Reiki Healing - 1hr

> Indian Head Massage 4 - Laying down with extended

back massage,selected aromatherapy oils

incuding Reiki Healing - 1hr

It refers to the balancing of the body, mind and spirit by

promotion of health and longevity using principles of nature to bring the body back a natural equilibrium. The approach identifies your true nature and living according to your true self. The theory of the body is made up of five elements, earth, air, fire , water and spirit. The functional aspects of the body relates to three Dosha these being Vata, Pitta,and Kapha, these are believed to be present in every cell, tissue and organ. The belief is that each of us is made up of a combination of the three doshas which can change in accordance with diet, lifestyle, climate, emotions and other factors. It is also believed that any disease and illness a person has is caused by a an imbalance of the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas, an imbalance can cause a negative effect on external and internal factors. Usually lifestyle and nutritional changes are encouraged to bring back balance along side the practise of Indian head massage regularly.

It is a form of relaxation and brings a sense of

well being by...

...massaging of the upper back shoulder neck, head and face. Some of the benefits when had regularly, are that it helps prevents migraines, headaches and back pain,

promotes hair growth, helps detoxifies the body by stimulating the lymphatic system. Relieves sleepiness and can help reduce insomnia. Other benefits are can help relieve symptoms of anxiety & depression, renews energy levels, aid boosting memory capabilities. It can be carried out with or without oils. Consultation would be carried out before the treatment to check ok to treat at that time.

It is recommended to avoid alcohol before treatment and

48 hours afterwards.


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