with or without essential oils

About Reflexology treatment

This works by applying appropriate pressure to the individual feet to provide stimulation of healing to any area in the body. As each area on the feet mirror every part of the body.

It provides positive effects on the body both physically and psychology. It’s a holistic treatment and can help relieve or reduce symptoms produced by medical conditions and problems.

It provides balance and harmony of the mind, body and soul. Even though there is evidence of this being practice 2500 BC,In the early 20th century, a medical doctor called William Fitzgerald, discovered while treating patients that by applying pressure to parts of the foot gave an anaesthetic and pain relieving effects to different areas that were problematic. From his work he developed the ideology of zone therapy that made it easier to treat patients by breaking down the foot and the parts of the body it relates to into zones. As a flow of energy and neuro pathways encompasses and flows through the entire body.

After this, His work was continued and developed further by Eunice Ingham, who is considered to be the mother of reflexology. Eunice took Zone therapy a step further by mapping out the whole body on the foot as she found that alternating pressure also stimulated healing of the body in areas that had symptoms or ailments and pain from conditions the individual had.

Her pioneering work is still used to day as the fundamental basis of reflexology treatment and therapy.

NB:- In all cases, a full consultation will be completed prior to treatment to check the suitability of the treatment.


• Treats the whole body through the feet

• Can reduce& provide relief from chronic & acute pain.

• Can aid & improve psychological & physical long

term  conditions.

• Holistically balances & harmonises the body providing

a feeling of well being to the mind, body& soul.

• Lowers high blood pressure

• Relaxation & stress relief effects

• Stimulates circulation, healing & detoxification process

• Can improve sleep

Reflexology Treatment Options

> Reflexology - 40 mins**

> Reflexology &  Reiki Healing - 1 hr**

> Reflexology &  Reiki Healing - 1hr 20mins**

There are several treatment options available or you could discuss your needs with me about tailoring a treatment to suit

** All of the options listed above can have

100% aromatherapy essential oils

used throughout the treatment for a

small additional charge

Gift vouchers are available - why not treat someone you love or care about to a treatment ?

Benefits of Reflexology


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