About Reiki Healing

NB:- Reiki healing will not be effective if alcohol or mind altering recreational drugs have been consumed prior treatment.

Clients are required to be 48 hrs clear of these before & ideally 48 hrs afterwards to gain maximum benefit & effects, otherwise it will be a waste of time..


• Safe for any age, any condition, illness or disease.

• Relaxation & healing to the whole body

• Holistically calming & soothing & balancing

• Can aid release of and help emotional, physical, psychological issues & problems

• Gives a feeling of well being and can improve sleep

• Detoxifying

Reiki Healing Treatment Options**

> Reiki Healing - standard - 40mins**

> Reiki Healing - extended - 1hr**

Although, to some the whole concept can sound wacky and far out there, it is one of those things you should try at

least once in your life, as verbal explanation doesn’t

do it justice.

**Reiki healing can be added on to any of the other treatment choices for a combination treatment

Even the most sceptical and resistant people

feel the benefits afterwards.

It is safe for any age or anyone with medical or mental health conditions.

Benefits of Reiki Healing


Third Eye



Solar Plexis



with or without essential oils

Gift vouchers are available - why not treat someone you love or care about to a treatment ?

This is a healing practice that has been around for thousands

of years, the word reiki made up of two Japanese words

REI - means higher power and Ki - means life force.

It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and

relaxation that promotes healing. It is carried out

fully clothed, by the laying of hands on your body.

It's based on the idea that the unseen life force

energy of the universe flows through us and

as we know everything is made up of

energy so is renewed and balanced

through this process. There are 7

energy centres in the body which at times

can become blocked which causes us to feel sick and unwell or stressed. Reiki healing unblocks those and aids the body to heal itself. It promotes a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation, feelings of peace & great stress relief. It treats the mind body and soul.

This is great for balancing the physical body and emotions.

It usually feels amazing afterwards but, there are a small number of people who my feel worse before they heal.

Those who have buried issues and severe blockages can sometimes have a healing crisis afterwards. But with support from the therapist and by following up with another session soon afterwards, will help with the remedy of this.

Once everything is brought up to the surface to be dealt with, the body and mind will feel positive effects & benefits by these individuals.


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