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• Be aware sometimes people can feel dizzy or spaced out when getting up, following a treatment. So take care if driving, operating machinery or if in charge of anyone else.

• Try to avoid stressful situations and if possible rest and  relax for at least an hour after treatment or longer if possible.

• Aim to drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day and especially after treatment as your body will be in detox and flushing out mode.

If your not keen on plain water try filtering it and adding slices of lemon  to the water. To aid this process try and avoid tea, coffee and any caffeine laden drinks or snacks after a treatment and try herbal teas or water or decaf varieties.

• Be aware, if you drink lots of sugar and caffeine drinks and snacks you body will go in to a detox mode to try to remove these substances  when you stop having them. Things like headaches, a feeling of sluggishness, and other negatives symptoms can sometimes be felt.

• Expect to visit the toilet more than usual over the next 24hours, due to the body removing toxins and waste.

• Try and avoid alcohol for as long as possible  before and after treatment  because of the negative effects it has on your internal body  and the treatment you have had. The longer you can abstain from alcohol the longer the positives benefits will last.

• If essential oils have been used during your treatment, if possible avoid showering or bathing for 24 hours, to allow your body to get the maximum benefit  of the properties of the oils

I hope you enjoyed your treatment and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thank you for your custom. Fran

Fran Evett-Towner

BSc (Hons), DIP HEN, VTCT level 3 Dip (QCF)


mobile number: 07961022059


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