Natures Way Holistic Foods has been developed through recognising the need for ‘Free From’ foods being made available at outdoor events such as foods festivals & markets. Aspiring to equality, choice & diversity for all!

If your looking for good, homemade, healthy, allergy friendly, ethical, tasty food and drink, Natures Way Holistic Foods is the best choice for you!

Natures Way Holistic Foods is a completely plant based vegan food company, that cares about what people eat, cares about animals & their welfare, as well as caring for the environment.

It is ethical & conscientious in the way it thinks & the way it is run.

Natures Way Holistic Foods has a varied menu of hot and cold choices with gluten free and sugar free options available as well, to suit everyone needs. It can cater anything from small to large dinner parties, buffets for celebrations & gatherings,

farmers markets, outdoor events & festivals.

Natures Way Holistic Foods can adapt,

tailor make and bespoke foods to meet all

of your special requirements & to your

differing budgets.

Any questions or queries please contact:-

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Natures Way Holistic Foods meets the needs of those who live

by a plant based vegan diet, those people looking to try

something different and those who have to avoid certain

allergens for health reasons.

Natures Way Holistic Foods are kinder to the environment,

good for body & soul and of course means there is no need for factory farming or cruel animal practices.

Natures Way Holistic Foods is mother earth friendly by using

only bio-degradable food containers cups and cutlery. We don’t use any plastic food containers. You can be sure you are helping the environment in a positive way when eating food from

Natures Way Holistic Foods

Natures Way Holistic Foods has recognised

food safety & hygiene certification:-

Level 2 & Level 3 food hygiene, HACCP,

Health & Safety.

Plus, has fire & first aid qualifications.

Natures Way Holistic Foods is

a member of NCASS

(Nationwide Caterers Association).

Staff are fully trained & insured

The philosophy behind our foods

This is why you should eat our foods