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“ I have benefited so much from having reiki with Fran. She quickly put me at ease and was a wonderful listener. Fran genuinely cares about the individuals that she works with. She has also been a tremendous support in helping my teenage daughter through some tricky times - again with reiki. Thank you, Fran - you cannot begin to know how much you’ve helped!”  Lynne

These are real comments, from real people about treatments that I have done for them.

They are NOT just made up!

“ I could not recommend Fran’s therapy more. Fran is an amazing therapist with beautiful hands. She will look after you from the moment you attend your first session. Not only does she give tailored treatments, but she always goes that extra mile to check you are feeling OK in and between treatments. I have had Reiki & reflexology and I can say it has changed my life. It has helped me with my anxiety and let me deal with issues in life.”  Emma

“ The reflexology treatment Fran gives is Dreamy! She has the skills to reassure you enough to make you feel as relaxed as possible, I always manage to fall asleep! She always starts with a discussion about how I am feeling and reviewing my feelings at the end along with recommendations. What can I say?

She’s fantastic at her job and super professional”  Sarah

“ Fran has really helped me as I was suffering from swollen and sore ankles. Reflexology

works well and I always feel better after I

have seen her. I recommend trying it.”  Chris

“ I have been going to Fran since July last year. I was really

very stressed and a good friend recommended to have a

few sessions of Reiki with Fran. I can honestly say that Fran

has helped me enormously especially with my own inner peace.

I feel regenerated after each session whether the session

is all Reiki or a combination of treatments.

For my own well being I have been to see Fran every week

since, not only for stress but I have several other

health conditions.

Fran is a real miracle worker.”  Val

“ I was a little sceptical, but decided to give it a try. It turned out to be one of best thing I’ve ever done - So nice to feel mellow and relaxed after my treatments.

Fran just blew away the stresses of my day!”  John

“ When I visited Fran I was suffering from a number of complaints. Most prominently pain in my left foot. At the time I was taking

1000 milligrams of strong anti-inflammation medication a day with no effect.

Since starting my treatment with Fran She has gotten my severe pain under control and with regular top up visits she has managed to considerably reduce my pain and give me a much

better quality of life! Thankfuly.”  Kevin

" I look forward to each of my treatments with Fran. I have benefitted from a sustainable improvement in my out look to life and my general positivity, its very relaxing too "  Helen


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